About the 5S Voice Method

The VOICE is VITAL to our communication...and for professionals voice CONTROL, voice HEALTH, and STAMINA are VITAL to your daily business! Your MESSAGE, and your MONEY depend on your voice WORKING and working WELL EVERY TIME! The 5S Voice Method provides daily practical lessons and exercises to condition and strengthen your voice for the NEXT LEVEL!

About the BOOTCAMP

The "5S BOOTCAMP" is a 5 day course on the FUNDAMENTALS of healthy TECHNIQUES for the VOICE! This course is filled with practical lessons, demonstrations, and exercises designed to condition and strengthen the voice, and to build skills and stamina for long lasting vocal careers!

Strength and Support

Days 1 and 2 focus on aligning the MIND, BODY, and BREATH for a healthy VOICE, and how to increase POWER and CONTROL of the voice.

Space and Smile

Days 3 and 4 you will learn how the voice is shaped, and tools on how to increase vocal RANGE and AGILITY.

Submit to the Voice

Day 5 is all about VOICE HEALTH and knowing what the voice needs to function at its BEST!

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